With the Robot & Co.

by Elizabeth Sihombing
26th September 2019
Whether it's for a business meet-up during lunch or a laid-back gathering over drinks, Robot&Co. will seamlessly host any occasion that come their way.

All the right things await you in Robot & Co. Those looking for insouciant dining and drinking with elevated flair may find the establishment to be the sweet and grand spot where business and play can coincide all day long and into the night.  Located at the forefront of Pacific Place Mall in SCBD, let the woven rattan decked restaurant lure you in for an after work affair that won’t fail. 

Where you’ll settle will certainly define the mood for your visit. The outdoor seating accommodates the dining area where patrons come in to lunch as they enjoy a little break from the work that awaits them. Inside, the tall stools and sofa lounges dictate the easy-going meet-ups over coffee and refreshing cocktails. Indeed, the bar operates in full action to serve the boozy goods to accompany the occasion. Distinctly separated, yet the openness is unmistakable from the natural lighting that lights up the entire space. It’s the kind of spot that’s fit for an afternoon meeting or a night out of the town, and the cuisine that they offer only helps elevate the atmosphere. 

Bringing a mix of Asian and Western cuisine, the flavours are both refreshing and comforting. One should try the Boston Clam Chowder, a creamy dish filled with squid and bacon baked in a puff pastry and served with a garlic brioche crouton, or their Grilled Barramundi an ideal flaky fish fillet and freshly sitting on a bed of sautéed mushrooms, French beans, and basil in a tangy brown butter sauce. To finish the meal, the Fruit Crumble will melt deliciously in your mouth with warm apples, mixed berries, and vanilla ice cream.  

Despite the uncanny location Found near the western lobby of Pacific Place Mall, Robot & Co. is a setting unlike any other. While it may sound contradictory to have such earthy features mixed in with an industrialised ambiance, the contrasting feel actually helps balance out the atmosphere of the place. There is a softness and soothing quality that is perfect for those who want to talk business in a casual setting or who want to hang out with co-workers after work hours.