Retreat to Titik Temu SCBD

by Cindy Julia Tobing
5th September 2023
Titik Temu set off its seventh outlet in the business district of Sudirman, drawing inspirations from the lush and homey feeling of their first home in Seminyak.

Out of nostalgic longing for their very first home in Seminyak, Bali—lush, homey and set with a tiered rooftop that has become its distinct feature—Titik Temu (stylised as .TEMU) secured a spot in the heart of SCBD to bring back that simple essence into its latest and seventh outlet. 

Distinguished by its house-like structure and tilted roof, the two-level space designed by Platform Architects may seem out of place amidst shiny highrises and the rush hour pace of people in work suits. But this contrast is perhaps needed, for Titik Temu is designed like a shelter for the populace of the business district—much like an “urban oasis”, as they described it. 

The proximity to offices and malls, and the fact that it’s located in the central area means that the cafe-slash-restaurant sees no difference in foot traffic between weekdays and weekends. But the crowd most likely varies; Monday to Friday usually follows the beat of a 9-to-5 routine—some may intentionally prolong their lunch breaks, while others reserve one of the long wooden tables for a group meeting. Whereas weekends see cyclists at the rooftop with coffee in hand, groups of Saturday brunch-goers and couples seeking cosy corners for dates.

While Titik Temu stays consistent in its lineup of filter coffee, cappuccino and latte, the SCBD outlet puts special emphasis on the menu. Developed by executive chef Kenrick Gunawan, dishes sit between convenient and explorative, like the Balinese Gyudon, a rice bowl of beef short plate seasoned with base gede, a Balinese spice paste of ginger, turmeric and chilli. In a recent collaboration with Green Rebel, the kitchen also rolls out plant-based dishes that include the Chick ‘n’ and Waffle, a popular Southern soul food dish, served with soy-based chicken slices. 

It’s easy to get swept up by the relaxed—though at times loud—atmosphere of Titik Temu, which speaks to their ability to make any environment feel as cosy as being at home. Whether it’s the food, the drinks, the retail area that offers local trinkets like Mote Mote’s beaded t-shirts and plants by Pelant Nursery, or the perfect afternoon light that trickles into the space, it’s the kind of holistic experience that the brand has nurtured and showcased since its conception in 2016.