All-Day Brunch with Ravelle

by Sandy Indahsari
6th June 2017
A former house finds a new lease of life as a neighbourhood all-day-brunch restaurant, Ravelle.

There are certain feel-good foods we turn to when we need to be comforted. A plate of nasi goreng, a dose of silky mashed potato with ribs or good old eggs benedict. Food trends may come and go, but comfort foods are forever. And Ravelle is one of those establishments where their food promises solace as much as they do fuel.

Residing within a residential area in Kelapa Gading, Ravelle offers an all-day brunch menu, making it easier to indulge your favourite brunch dish at any time of the day.

The highlights of the menu are certainly pork-based dishes. Not to be missed are their Crispy Spicy Pork Belly served on a bed of rice as well as the hearty Cajun Pork Belly Burger sandwiched with coleslaw and between brioche buns. If you enjoy both sweet and savoury option, their Brioche French Toast topped with strawberry, banana and bacon is at your service.

On weekdays, groups of families usually gather for late lunch or early dinner. Come on weekends and you’ll see young adults occupying the space, digging in Banoffee pie whilst catching up with their mates.

But the best spot in their outdoor seating, where a lazy afternoon can be spent with a cup of coffee and the company of nearby traffic din. Couple that with their reliable homemade cooking, Ravelle easily warrants multiple visits within a week, especially for residents in Kelapa Gading.