All Hail The Queens Head

by Pingkan Palilingan
21st August 2015
The new restaurant-cum-bar Queens Head is carving its way slowly but surely in Kemang through its unorthodox, molecular Western-Indonesian fusion.

There seems to be no shortage of hang-out places in Kemang. Bistro, bar, café, the district has everything that panders to Jakarta’s insatiable appetite. While most dining places in the said area appear to stick closely to those of the standards, restaurant/bar Queens Head turns up with something unorthodox on its plate.

Claiming itself to be born in the UK, but raised in Jakarta, Queens Head re-introduces Western and Asian food with a couple of twists – one, through molecular techniques, and two by incorporating Indonesian flavour to the platter.

Don’t worry, nothing here would be a hybrid mess as one would imagine. Chef Blake Thornley, who mans the kitchen, has a long and impressive curriculum vitae (including his previous position as the Executive Chef of Mozaic Restaurant, Bali) that would guarantee a noteworthy dining affair.

As a starter, try Queen’s Head refreshing take on Tuna Tataki that teams up tuna, compressed watermelon, and soba noodles. If you’d like to sample Chef’s Blake interpretation on Indonesian food, Beef Rendang Tortellini will impress you. Not only because of the Italo-Indonesian fusion, but also of its parmesan emulsion – a molecular surprise prepared by the Kiwi Chef. On the dessert side, the Frozen Apple Pie (yes, it is served in its frozen form) will surprise you with its butterscotch gel and vanilla bubbles.

Judging from its name, one might visualize Queens Head to resemble those old English pubs with creaky floorings and dodgy corners just as those we see in the movies. However, the restaurant-cum-bar is nothing close to those imaginings, but rather modern with an eclectic touch on its fit-outs where rattan is fashionably woven and harmonised with coarse wood.

The space is divided into two area, on one side is a line of bright upholstered chairs that are drenched in sunlight during daylight, while on another is a lounge area with dimmer lights. If you were looking to visit this place at its quietest time, early lunch on the weekdays would be the best option. Don’t let the stature of Queens Head intimidates you. Once you get acquainted with it, Queens Head would easily become your regular hangout spot.