Take a Plunge

Ayu Swasti Amandari
25th September 2018
Contemporary with a twist, Plunge is an all-day eatery serving diners in West Jakarta a taste of Western with dashes of Asian flair, enough to excite patrons to wind down in their polished premises.

With the presence of Chinese restaurants right at every turn, Western cuisine may not be at the top of one’s list when venturing out to Jakarta’s west area. Plunge, with its uncomplicated facade, may at first not look much to catch your fancy. But take a plunge inside and, the restaurant is decked out in a polished interior that emanates an all-around sophisticated feel to welcome patrons. Nevertheless, décor can only speak so much as to what Plunge stands for.   

While Western cuisine may often be deemed as bland or even boring by local standards, there’s plenty to get excited about as one reads through Plunge’s menu. Giving it plenty of attitudes, Plunge elevates classic dishes of the west with bold flavours one would find in Asian and local delicacies. Take for example their bestseller, The Pork and Rice. Served over the humble Asian staple, they spice up a classic porchetta (traditional Italian-style slow-roasted pork) with Singaporean chilli crab sauce, which is customarily paired with seafood. Furthermore, one is likely charmed to have a go at the house’s rendition of the good ol’ Mac ‘N’ Cheese with cheesy-Sriracha sauce and the classic Seared Salmon served with coriander salsa.

Open from the early AM, Plunge also offers plenty for the early birds to have with their morning cuppa, like the no-brainer Avocado Smash and Berry French Toast for those wanting a sweet option. However, if there’s anything drool-worthy for the brunch crowd, their signature Pandan-infused Cendol Pancake will certainly please. A nod to Indonesia’s much-loved dessert drink, this all-American comfort food is taken to a new height with the addition of cendol, jackfruit and palm sugar to drizzle.

With that in mind, Plunge demonstrates how gourmet Western cuisine deserves a spot in this part of town. In doing the Asian-meets-Western fusion with aplomb, it wouldn’t hurt anybody to drop by this establishment on their next trip to the west area. However, when you do come in, a friendly tip: do go upstairs and have yourself a cosy sit-in for an hour or two.