Haven’t Made it to Spain? Here’s Plan B

by Rachel Saputro
5th August 2014
For those who have longed dream of dining at an authentic tapas bar in Spain, Plan B recreates the experience and is within reach.

The sun, the heat, and the bright, vibrant color hues entice the senses as if one was dining on Barcelona’s iconic La Rambla strip. There’s no need to fret if a getaway to Spain isn’t on the budget at the moment, because there’s always Plan B.

Located a couple thousand miles away from sunny Barcelona, Plan B Spanish Resto is tucked away in a private office complex in Senayan. Plan B first opened its doors in April 2012, and is currently run and owned by Spanish-native Oskar Urzelai. Early segments of Urzelai’s career saw him work with acclaimed chef Martin Berasategui, who holds seven Michelin stars in total today. Urzelai has worked in Michelin starred kitchens worldwide –Cuba, Spain, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, just to name a few – before coming to Jakarta. Chef Urzelai is known to strike up conversations with patrons, so feel free to go up to him and learn a thing or two from his fascinating experiences.

Everything about Plan B oozes with authenticity. The dominantly orange hues against the wooden furniture paint a bright and vibrant atmosphere, reflecting the festive mood one would find in Spain. On a sunny day, it is recommended to dine outdoors under the awning. Plants and pots hedge the outdoor seating area obstructing a view of the parking lot, for a more enjoyable dining experience.

Plan B’s menu is largely dominated by its tapas and pintxos – traditional Spanish bar snacks or finger food. “Gambas al ajillo” and “Chipirones en su Tinta” – garlic sautéed prawns and squid in black ink sauce – are popular choices if one chooses to order tapas as a starter. Proceeding to the main course, Plan B serves excellent Paella, a staple Spanish rice dish. Many Spanish restaurants in Jakarta may serve paella, but what is rarely found is Fideua, the noodle variant of the dish. Plan B serves an excellent Fideua, using small macaroni shaped noodles. Choose from their freshly squeezed juices vegetable and fruit juices, or their fresh squash mixtures to complement any meal.

So if you’re up for Plan B then head to Jakarta’s Senayan district to encounter the authentic Spanish dining experience.