A Slice of Pizza Place

by Sandy Indahsari
19th October 2017
Inspired by pizzeria in NYC, Pizza Place churns out satisfying pizza-by-the slice that tastes good even if you’re having it on the go.

When you think about quick and inexpensive pizza by the slice in Jakarta, your thought might wander to the affordable deep-pan kind at the supermarket’s canteen. But taste wise? You know you have to lower the expectations.

Located in a tight corner at the back of Como Park building in Kemang Timur, Pizza Place is an unassuming pizzeria that is inspired by the urban vibe of New York City. It is obvious that the pizzeria is aimed at young crowds with its reference to youth and streetwear culture. There’s the atmospheric red neon light out front. The font of Pizza Place resembles the famous streetwear brand, Supreme. And over at the wall, hangs a cheeky “Employee Of The Month” frame with the face of Eddie Murphy taken from “Coming To America” film.

But Pizza Place places equal attention, if not more, to their pizza. On offerings are pizza made fresh daily with quality ingredients that are evident from the taste. Whether it’s their popular Ricotta cheese with mushrooms or the classic Pepperoni, it’s easy to try them all, slice by slice, thanks to their friendly price. And mind you, even their slice is generous. But if you like to go all out, just grab your fave as a whole.

Come weekend, you can opt to have a slice of pizza on the go or take it easy at the outdoor area where it faces a dog park. Either way, you’re guaranteed to leave Pizza Place with both appetite and wallet satisfied.