Pelaspas Nipah Sets Ground

Cindy Julia Tobing
25th February 2021
Pelaspas' new home on Nipah street bounds old and new F&B tenants while bringing in the same intimate and homelike atmosphere their regulars swear by.

As South Jakartans know it, Pelaspas’ former stomping ground at Dharmawangsa has been a go-to for urbanites seeking simple downtime, surrounded by exciting homegrown eateries as they gather in one communal space. The same excitement has relocated to Nipah street, Pelaspas’ new and bigger home that bounds old and new tenants with the same intimate and homelike atmosphere their frequenters swear by.

A Balinese ritual of melaspas, which roughly refers to the opening celebration of a newly-opened house, inspired the Pelaspas moniker as a way to celebrate the coming together of different brands under the compound, as noted by co-founder Sebastian Subakti. Just like its first location, there’s nothing fancy about their new home except that it is a simple neighbourhood hub where people congregate and celebrate.

Located at the turn by the South Jakarta Mayor Office, the three-story building kept its former blueprint without posing any significant changes; concrete structures are kept intact to cast the undone look, while greeneries are fitted in nicely to warm up the place. The rustic charm that people covet from its previous home is still very much present in the new one. 

While weekends here get the brunt of the crowd, weekdays also see a flowing of urban dwellers taking their day’s break at the spot. There would be office goers getting their pick-me-up at El Sid Coffee Sandwich with their servings of caffeinated options and hearty sandwiches, or college students dropping by after classes to get a slice or two from Pizzza Dealer. The sweet tooth would stride to First Scoop for some ice cream, while the famished would down themselves with a bowl of noodles at Bakmie Umamie or Indonesian fares like soto mie and nasi rames at Bakisaji. 

Pelaspas carefully curates its tenants so concepts don’t collide and gather them in a shared space to foster a communal ambience. And like that friendly neighbour who accommodates guests with food and homely hospitality, Pelaspas is etched in the minds of regulars as the no-brainer spot to convene. 


Opening and closing hours vary for each tenant at Pelaspas. Please visit their social media account to check.