A Cup of Paris Sorbet

by Elizabeth Sihombing
7th February 2020
More than an ice cream parlour, Paris Sorbet elevates dessert time to stardom thanks to their beautifully crafted flavours.

As a child, ice cream was that special treat, but with age it seems that the magic has slowly dimmed. Add-ons and unusual flavours become the norm, when in reality, the basics were always in demand. While many ice cream shops in Jakarta rely on gimmicks to lure customers in, Paris Sorbet on Wolter Monginsidi street keeps it sophisticated yet straightforward with their sweet icy offerings to keep you quenched

With a warm and minimalistic flair, Paris Sorbet’s shop may remind you of yet another coffee shop: large round tables, comfortable loungers and a spacious countertop that gives visitors perspective on the shop’s main attraction, the one drive for your cordial visit, ice cream.

Their made-from-scratch ice cream and sorbet may sound like a staple. But don’t be quick to judge, as each offering comes with a unique flavour derived from natural ingredients, bringing a delicious kick to your palate starting from the first spoonful. Ice cream, sorbet—you will find your scoop. Be bold and order the tart-based Raspberry sorbet garnished with fresh blueberries, biscuit, vanilla Chantilly, and raspberry nectar. Or, try the shop’s fresh take on the classic dessert pie Baked Apples. If sorbets are still not your style, go for the classic Vanilla, natural, easy and delectable balanced in a cup of Chantilly, butter biscuit, caramelised sunflower seeds, and caramel. A crowd-favourite, Tiramisu, is everything rich and decadent in one scoop.

Although dessert is Paris Sorbet’s statement, find along a wide range of café-inspired treats as well. On the savoury side, try the Smashed Avocado Toast to pair with a hot cup of coffee.

A hidden gem in the unlikeliest of places. The sweet-toothed understand, good ice cream is an artform. And the way Paris Sorbet handles their craft will hearten every visitor for a first and many more following.