A Stroll Around Papilion’s Market Place

Cindy Julia Tobing
23rd December 2020
A visit to Papilion’s Market Place means navigating a wholesome shopping experience. The market’s range of curated everyday essentials, along with ready-to-eat kitchen and bakery will bait the admirers of modern lifestyle.

One won’t find staples that a regular supermarket offers at Papilion’s Market Place, the group’s latest addition following The Penthouse and their annual pop-up of The Little Glass House. Taking over the ground floor of their signature headquarter in Kemang, goers will instead be greeted with a curated lineup of everyday essentials, from farm-to-table produce and artisanal homeware to in-house food and knick-knacks, easy enough to bait the city’s modern lifestyle community. 

Here, the idea of a concept store is realised through its variety of speciality products, along with a kitchen and bakery at the heart of the market. Designed by Studio Getty, interiors are kept minimal with the perfect pairing of marble, along with teak and plywood that adorn the store’s shelves and counters. Amongst The Papilion’s structural glass-house building, Market Place looks like a warm den for goers to freely explore. 

Besides groceries, there are still generous lifestyle offerings to choose from. From bouquets of fresh and preserved flowers made in collaboration with Atelier Fleuri and frozen snack selections made by The Papilion’s executive chef, Tita Juwadi, to Sejauh Mata Memandang’s exclusive homeware collection, it’s not hard to imagine visitors being in a bind over sticking to their grocery list or buying things out of impulse. 

The Kitchen and The Bakery, as they like to call it, sit at the heart of the market, serving visitors with a ready-to-eat weekly menu and fresh buns, where shoppers can indulge in a little grocery break. There’s also a wine corner for those in need of holiday libations, along with a stately range of wine glasses for one’s collection. To bookend the all-around shopping experience, walk to Huize Van Wely’s corner for some sweet delights.

At The Papilion, it’s not only a matter of curating, but also loving the products, as shown from their range of gourmet and artisanal homeware goods offered at the market. A wholesome retail experience at Market Place beckons not only The Papilion’s loyal customers but also the curious and admirers of all things beautifully made with attention to detail. With the place’s warm and inviting atmosphere, it’s not hard to gather a crowd.