At the Count of OnThree

by Erdira Wirengjurit
14th February 2018
Over at Senopati Suites, OnThree serves up memorable signature coffee in a chic venue with an unlikely view.

Senopati in South Jakarta is a popular area for F&B establishments to reside in, and with the myriad of options to choose from, an additional café in the neighbourhood seems like cliché news. But tucked in Senopati Suites building is OnThree coffee shop with a chic venue and quality beverages to match it. While it may be a young one, OnThree has been grabbing the right kind of attention, and it’s well deserved.

With bright accent walls, fun geometric furniture and eye-catching arts, it’s only natural to feel the fun that radiates from the walls of the establishment. OnThree easily resembles the trendy loft of a young adult where style and comfort are paired into fine composure, making the place fit for business meetings as it is for casual hangouts.

And as if a stylish interior isn’t enough to keep you sated, OnThree’s venue extends to a cosy wooden patio surrounded by tall buildings. While it may get too hot to sit outdoors during the day, the heat is much more forgiving once the sun has set, making the patio area a charming spot to get your evening caffeine dose.

Along the nice venue is an impressive coffee menu with six signature options. Indeed, these specialty coffee drinks are crafted with additional ingredients that you wouldn’t commonly pair with coffee. Think coconut, black pepper, and black sesame. But OnThree proved that creativity and prowess do pay off because their Spicy Pepper Latte is one that will leave an impression. It goes without saying that the familiar beverages are always on offer, all of which are brewed with OnThree’s house blend of Flores and Balinese coffee beans.

While OnThree was an impromptu project completed within two short and arduous months, the coffee shop proudly delivers with confidence. One thing for sure, with peers or by yourself, OnThree will welcome you into a convivial atmosphere at any time of the day.