Ombé Kofie Arrives in Central

By Hana Oktavia A.
13th October 2020
Hauling their delightful ambience and generous coffee listings to the city centre, Ombé’s Menteng abode shares roof with a homespun bakery and a rustic beerhouse, allowing one to kick it back with sugary treats or a cold one to side with caffeine for a well-deserved time-out.

Ombé Kofie has always been treasured as one of the city’s go-to coffee joints for their unmistakably cosy setting and well-rounded offerings of specialty cuppas. But recently, the coffeehouse caught more attention with their new Menteng outlet. Sharing space with Onbbit Toast, a home bakery akin to the affable shop, along with an all-day beer bar Jubelof, Ombé’s new dig invites anyone who’s in for an unconventional downtime session where specialty javas and finely crafted beers can share the same table.

Seated in Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto, their latest outlet is reminiscent of a classic residence often spotted in Menteng’s affluent neighbourhood, displaying an all-white facade complete with pillars and wooden windows. Behind their door, however, one can expect a wide, green-infused expanse that stretches out to three different areas: the main house, the semi-outdoors, and the sunlit glasshouse—a favourite lounge spot. Whichever space you pick, it’s better to loosen up the day’s schedule as their signature easygoing backdrop is bound to lure anyone to stay for hours.

With years of experience and a handful of branches under their belt, Ombé’s aptitude in the brewing business is not one to question. Start with the rejuvenating strawberry-fused coffee Hanami Latte, or the foolproof Hot Mocha to complement a warm morning. Though most would opt for a caffeine kick, non-coffee offerings are also on the book. To wit, take their Orange Yuzu for an offbeat alternative.

A session at Ombé might be synonymous with cups of caffeine, but don’t move past their fares. Clocking in early? Call on Onbbit’s Cream and Strawberry Jam toast, or if you’re the type to go ham with breakfast, go all out with their Roast Pork Porchetta Chimichurri, an Italian-style pork roast with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies on the side. Feeling traditional? One can never go wrong with pasta, such as their Chicken Pesto Pasta: deep-fried chicken over spaghetti and drenched in their homemade pesto sauce.

While keeping their coffee roots intact, Ombé now opens their door for all, welcoming those who fancy a few hours of lounging with coffee or craft beers and baked goods from their neighbouring shops—once again living up to the friendly charm they’ve established throughout the years.