Nomz Unveils Five-Course Dessert Omakase

by Pingkan Palilingan
5th November 2015
Nomz Kitchen & Pastry reveals the first ever Dessert Omakase, a five-course fine dessert presentation by Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu.

Omakase is definitely not a word that would come straight away to mind when talking about Nomz. Omakase, for the unitiated, is a word of Japanese origin which is a literal expression meaning “I’ll leave it up to your hands”. When used in a dining setting, often applied in Japanese sushi bar, the expression means to entrust the meal choices to the chefs. Here’s the catch – you don’t know what will arrive on your plate. And the trust game between the chef and diners grows stronger as the course rolls on to the next.

Applying the usual savoury-based omakase to a whole new concept, Nomz drives its dessert dedication to the forefront with a saccharine offering Dessert Omakase, an intimate five-course dessert presentation by Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu, who is also a co-founder of Nomz. By intimate, seats are limited only to 8 guests and are seated by the dessert bar. Though the menu isn’t revealed until the very end, guests are given the opportunity to predict the outcome as they watch the chef whipping up their next dessert.

Naturally, a minute or so waiting gap between the course is unavoidable. Tackling this issue before it occurs, Nomz places edible mini decorations alongside the dessert bar such as a garden with meringue mushroom sprouting from a green grated coconut bed of grass. There’s also a tiny white chocolate boat, drifting on top of blue coconut sprinkle that serves as a mystic river, as if taking a cue from Roald Dahl’s stories.

The array of fine dessert that are presented might look and sound sophisticated to those who normally finds refuge in common desserts like, say chocolate brownie or cheesecake, but one could use a change of scenery sometimes. Picture your plate smeared with banana custard, crunchy almond crumble, banana chips, dulce de leche ice cream and topped off with Chantilly cream. Delightful, sweet and that’s not all. The exciting part is the anticipation while waiting for the next dessert to arrive.


Nomz Dessert Omakase runs every Saturday on two sessions (7.30pm & 9pm) and another two sessions every Sunday (3pm & 4.30pm). RSVP is required to


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