Starry Nights at Nidcielo

By Elizabeth Sihombing
21st October 2019
Where the night is young and starry, Nidcielo invites patrons for a spin through contemporary Spanish cuisine with their delectable tapas.

Gunawarman street is a crowd-puller when it comes to Jakarta’s nightlife, and Nidcielo Tapas Bar & Restaurant is adding a layer of zest to the scene with a Spanish concept hiding Asian influences that will have Jakartans slowly falling in love.

Their venue is meant to wow without the bragging. Roughly translated to “night sky”, Nidcielo embraces deep mahogany tones to complement the colourful aura from stain glass fixtures on the windows and lights. The warm hues are welcoming without overstating the establishment’s eagerness to host you, thus perfect for a first date or a catch up with some old friends after work.

While this is a Spanish restaurant, the design and dishes carry subdued Asian inspiration. At the helm of the kitchen, Japanese Chef Shuji Hino has combined the finest of his experiences from his time in working in various Michelin star restaurants into a menu that exposes our tastebuds to a unique marriage of flavours less familiar around here. Keeping in mind a playful inspiration, the shining stars are the tapas (Spanish bitesized finger-food) themselves. A crowd favourite is the Ajillo classico, which has both Spanish and Asian palate with their prawn and mixed mushrooms bathing in a garlic oil and paired with lightly toasted sourdough bread. Want to find something more close to home? Croquetas de Gambas has a creamy shrimp filling baked in a crunchy outer shell with dill oil to offset the taste.

Ensuing the tapas-to-share, delectable meals await. Squid Ink Meloso layers Spanish and Asian flavours harmoniously with baby squid and oyster mushrooms in squid ink rice. Looking for something lighter? The Barramundi a la Kadaif packs barramundi fish with umami, crusted potatoes and asparagus bathed in uni sauce.

While Jakartans aren’t foreign to Spanish flavours anymore, Nidcielo certainly knows how to lure one in for a spin through Spanish cuisine through its medley of flavours and dream-like interiors.