Nebula Ventures into Jakarta

by Julius Kensan
11th August 2017
With an established reputation in Bali, Nebula has finally reached the shore of Jakarta with a new take through hearty Asian-fusion dishes paired with playful cocktails.

Those who are familiar with Nebula establishments in Bali will find its first branch in Jakarta a welcoming sight. But, if you’re looking to relive the memories from your Nebula Bali experience, then you’re up for a surprise.

Located in a quiet corner of the perennially busy neighbourhood of Kuningan, the most obvious difference between Nebula Jakarta and its siblings in Bali is the menu. Here, Nebula focuses more on Asian dishes, especially Indonesian where the menu is divided into lunch and dinner. The former focuses on quick and no-brainer options like Nasi Goreng Sambal Matah and Nasi Kuning Campur since white-collar workers from nearby offices regularly drop by the establishment during lunchtime.

But once the sun is down, Nebula swaps the menu with dishes that are best enjoyed with a group of mates. Start off with their Chicken Bulgogi Bao and Sate Lilit before working your way to heavier choices like Chicken Betutu and Lamb Shank Gulai that are generously dressed in traditional spices.

While the food options may seem serious and hearty, the cocktail menu in Nebula is decidedly more fun and experimental. Ramoz is easily the fave pick among the list for its light and sweet flavours. But if you’re looking for something with more kick, don’t miss out on their Sour Hazel and Hibiscus & Agave.

Sure, it may not feel like Nebula without the laidback atmosphere of Bali, but when you get to be away from the traffic madness in Kuningan, you’ll be glad to know that Nebula got your back, even if it’s only for a couple of hours.