Hey There, Mr. Fox

by Julius Kensan
18th August 2017
Say hello to Mr. Fox, a new establishment from Ismaya Group that is livening up the district of SCBD with their gutsy dishes and house cocktails.

Located right beside the entrance of Energy Building in Senopati Central Business District (SCBD), Mr. Fox is a new addition by Ismaya Group that’s elusive to the eyes, just like the animal that it takes its name from. But thanks to the establishment’s hideaway quality, it has swiftly turned into a popular spot among office professionals and stylish crowd.

Food wise, the menu offers dishes inspired by cuisines from all around the world that feels familiar but with a slight twist. There’s KFC (Krunchy Fried Crickets) that is influenced by Thailand’s edible insects street snack. If the thought of eating crickets held you back, fret not. At Mr. Fox, the taste of KFC gives the impression of the popular Indonesian side dish, Tempe Orek. Elsewhere, Roasted Seabass is served with peanut sauce and topped with thick slices of fresh avocados. The presence of the latter revamps the dish into an option that is versatile for both lunch and dinner.

Multiple visits are definitely needed in order to try out all the options in the menu, especially when there are many more dishes that deserve your attention, like the deceptively simple Roasted Eggplant and Edamame Nori Salad to their popular Crispy Pork Belly.

And while you’re at Mr. Fox, it’s best to treat yourself to their house cocktails that are both playful and experimental. Server will most likely to recommend Madame St. Germain, which is popular among the ladies, Francois “Frankie” Fox and Captain Cori. Better yet, park yourself by the bar seat and watch bartender concocts the cocktail right in front of you.

Though the Mr. Fox is compact, the high ceiling of the establishment alleviates the sense of claustrophobia. Plus, the atmosphere are kept intimate between you and your company thanks to their booth seats.

If complete privacy is what you’re looking for, then head further into the den where the private room lies. The latter is a hideaway bunker that cuts you off completely from the outside world. It’s easy to lose track of time here, especially with the company of your squad, good food and fab cocktails. Clearly, it’s not a bad way to stay foxy.