Morph Coffee’s Coffee Connection

by Manual Jakarta
14th August 2014
We were privileged to have a peek at Morph Coffee's roasting process during their first Coffee Connection event that showcased the essential value of a cup of coffee.

Since its inception in 2013, Morph Coffee, a local micro roastery, has been steadily and consistently producing quality Arabica coffee beans farmed from different parts of this nation’s archipelago. Established by Arief Said and Andrew Tang, Morph Coffee’s commitment to delivering superior coffee beans has earned them noted clients, such as One-Fifteenth Café and the recently opened, Woodpecker.

Now with Coffee Connection, the first media event held by Morph Coffee, the latter is looking to drive the message home on the essential value of a cup of coffee – the beans. “We are hoping to acquaint more and more people with the different tastes that could be achieved from the range of coffee beans found on our very own soil,” said Arief, who used to train under Ross Quail (World Barista Championship’s long standing judge). The intimate event also allowed participants to witness roasting process in their workshop in Radio Dalam.

For both Arief and Andrew, their commitment and enthusiasm on coffee lies on the endless possibilities that coffee beans can yield. That’s why Morph Coffee aims to educate and introduce to the general public on the types of beans with its wide-ranging tastes. You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that Morph Coffee allows customers to customise their own coffee blend to fit their personal liking.

“In the long run, Morph Coffee aims to be acknowledged as a leader in delivering quality coffee beans in Indonesia and to be the local roastery that contributes in raising the profile of Indonesian coffee in the eyes of the international coffee community,” said Andrew Tang, who, like Arief, also possessed extensive knowledge on coffee and has served as a judge in competitions before.

True to its name, Morph Coffee acknowledges and is committed to the potential of coffee that continues to change and fascinate, whether it’s under the influence of technology and methods of farming. And with that commitment, Indonesia’s coffee bean is in good hands.