A MINQ Dynasty

by Elizabeth Sihombing
21st January 2020
In Senopati, De La House’s newest addition MINQ takes the pressure out of choosing between dinner and drinks with contemporary Chinese dishes and signature cocktails all under one roof.

For all that Jakarta offers in nightlife, finding a nice lounge where you can convene whilst having a cocktail-involved dinner is a welcomed addition. And while there are places that tick these things off the list, the atmosphere doesn’t open up to a more unique vibe than De La House’s latest offering found in the Senopati area, MINQ. An Oriental-inspired establishment, MINQ uses the idea of bringing both restaurant and bar under one roof.

Everyone’s journey begins at MINQ Kitchen, where mirrored walls and classic blue patterned ceramics resemble the traditional Chinese eatery with a modern touch. Whether it’s a quick lunch break or a dinner to kickstart the night, the restaurant’s nostalgic atmosphere is inviting for a shared mealtime.

The cordality extends to the food that patrons share family-style or otherwise. Besides serving typical Chinese dishes, MINQ’s take on some of these staples are worth trying. Start the meal off with their refreshing Duck and Mango Salad that’s got a zesty kick. Pair this with the Mango Wasabi Prawns drenched in light wasabi sauce before rounding it off with their Hong Kong Noodles (Wonton noodles with duck and baby bok choy). And if lunch time is all you have to spare, fret not because their Claypot Rice with Black Pepper Beef will meet your need for some Chinese cuisine on the go.

For a round of post-dinner drinks, work your way up to MINQ Bar & Lounge on the second floor. With its inviting lounge seating and a tuneful playlist, the overall ambience will lure one to stay longer than expected. Kick off your night with their signature cocktails, where each one is named after the ancient Chinese philosophies, such as Ding Xiang for a stable good fortune (espresso martini with a hint of coconut water, rose and hazelnut syrup) or Zian, meaning Self Peace, a bourbon-based concoction with Earl Grey extract and homemade acacia honey served in traditional Chinese teapot.

No more dinner over drinks or vice versa: By offering two different ambiances, MINQ relieves the pressure to choose for your upcoming night out.