Unearth the Mineral Cafe

Cindy Julia Tobing
29th January 2021
Set in Gandaria, Mineral Cafe comforts with its full-fledged menu and a mini market that boasts lifestyle keepsakes of local brands for comers to indulge out of impulse.

What was once an old residential home along the stretch of Gandaria Tengah is now a café that is more than meets the eye: Mineral Cafe holds a pleasant surprise to the neighbourhood, bringing in a full-fledged menu and an in-house market that boasts lifestyle keepsakes from local brands, all under one roof.

Many things are of peculiar nature here; from the undone concrete look to the repurposed tables and window frames from the old house, all elements respond to what the blueprint has offered. The name Mineral, carved from the concept of a rock substance, is meant to reflect the organic way of existence and aims to flow the same impression into the café for people to naturally interact or bask in their own quality time.

The quintessential caffeine offerings are to be expected, but the surprise comes from their roster of non-coffee and hearty fusion fares. Zero in on their popular brioche menu, from signatures Butter Maple and Butter Srikaya to the more unique Kani Mentai and Mushroom Chicken toast. For the famished, go for their fuller meal that ranges from fried rice and noodles to pasta. Non-coffee beverages also get the popular votes here, from the trendy Jeruk Yakult to herbal options with the likes of Beras Kencur Susu and Wedang Jahe.

Behind the coffee bar sits Mineral Marketplace, a mini shop to showcase a selection of lifestyle products from local brands. Get in touch with the likes of Zenjiwa candles and Gowo Studio reusable bags to in-house knick-knacks to bring home, as is the case with many, out of impulse. For a change of scenery, walk up to the café’s rooftop whose no-frills design is just part of the charm. Indeed, there’s a lot more to unearth than coffee in small neighbourhood cafés these days.