Right at Home in Melati

by Sandy Indahsari
20th March 2017
Tucked away in Thamrin Residence apartment building, Mélati Bakehouse dispenses tranquil ambiance and an array of freshly baked goods that feel like home.

Among the overabundance of nameless, faceless chains that occupy the bustling Central Jakarta, sits Mélati Bakehouse, a bakery dedicated to locally sourced and handmade baked goods. The bakery’s insistence on using quality ingredients has resulted in a small but perfectly formed menu of breads, pastries and sandwiches.

The doors open at 7:30am from Tuesday to Saturday, and boy, do they know what they’re doing. With a variety of loaves coming out of the oven, as well as sweet treats like coffee cruffin (croissant and muffin) chocolate cookies, apple pies and scones, it’s tough to decide just one.

Don’t be surprise to find a lively group occupying the main table. Or if you’re lucky, a few solitary customers occupying different corners of the room, while perusing Mélati’s collection of books that are scattered all around the space as if your careless siblings have just left it there.

Mélati’s cosily designed interior takes its cue from the comfort of living room, with warm and welcoming wild aster walls, and extensive memorabilia from distant countries, creating that familiar feeling of your grandmother’s house, all bathed in natural light. All in all, the result is a warm and inviting space with old-fashioned finds and contemporary design throughout. Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea while downing your choice of quiche couldn’t be more delightful.