Meja Makan #1: Saidjah & Adinda

by Julius Kensan
10th August 2015
Held in Coworkinc, Meja Makan is a themed pop-up dinner initiated by three different individuals from different backgrounds that merge the influence of various practices. Here's an intimate look at what went down that night.

Meja Makan 01, the first series of a pop-up dinner initiated by three different individuals with different backgrounds, is a clear testament to Coworkinc’s capability in drawing people together and breaking down the uneasy walls between industries. It is the brainchild of Ruth Marbun (artist), Eugenio Hendro (product designer) and Kushandari Arfandewi from Kelinci Tertidur.

It was a dinner that melded together the influence of various practices – Art, Design and Food. Channeling the 19th romance novel on poor Javanese farmers, Saidjah & Adinda, by the Dutch author, Max Havelaar, the themed dinner was set up to immerse the diners into the spirit of the time while simultaneously encourage stimulating conversations that range from candid to important topics, such as national pride.

The three-course dinner was wonderfully executed by Kelinci Tertidur, which provided various fresh twists on healthy food that didn’t deviate from the root of Indonesian cuisine. All in all, the concept of Meja Makan is much more than plonking oneself down for a dinner. It’s pretty much about sharing and opening oneself to people from different industries that one rarely would get the chance to do so in their everyday’s life setting. Here’s looking at the next one.