Manual Pick: Coffee at Home

By Cindy Julia Tobing
20th April 2020
While coffee runs to your favourite shops are not feasible at the moment, you can always enjoy it at the comfort of your home. Offering different options to satisfy your coffee fix, we enlist Three Folks’ roasted coffee beans, Say Something’s drip bag coffee and Toko Kopi Tuku’s TUKU-IN for our special edition of Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

With physical distancing still in effect, days of going on coffee runs or lounging in coffee shops seem so far to grasp. In turn, many seek solace by making their cup of joe at home, made easier with delivery offerings from various coffee establishments. 

Of course, the feeling of being outside won’t quite match in comparison, but at least making your own coffee would be a productive interlude to your daily activities. For this series of Manual Pick, we enlist products from Three Folks, Say Something and Toko Kopi Tuku, to help satisfy your coffee cravings at home without putting a hole in your wallet. 

For the connoisseurs, making your coffee is all about the time spent in perfecting it. While a busy routine may have kept purists from doing it before, the ample time at home can help rekindle one’s love for coffee brewing. Three Folks’ selection of Indonesia’s Arabica roasted beans is the ideal kit for it, especially when you have equipment like Aeropress, V60 or French Press at your disposal. Regardless of equipment of choice, it always starts with a fresh batch of beans before discovering (or rediscovering) one’s love for the elaborate process of coffee brewing. 

There’s also the handy drip bag coffee from Say Something for those who prefer a much simpler and instant brewing method. Pocket-sized and easy to use, one box contains seven sachets of ground coffee that one can choose from variants of Indonesian beans like Java Sekarayu, Java Halu, Java Volcano, El Floresien Wolobobo and Aceh Bergendal Meriah. Getting one close to that barista-level, freshly-brewed cup of coffee is as simple as pouring hot water into the provided filter bag. With little time and effort spent, even the picky wouldn’t mind investing in it. 

Then there’s TUKU-in by Toko Kopi Tuku, and yes, it’s the recipe for the beloved es kopi susu tetangga, the drink that propelled the es kopi susu phenomenon. Put simply, it’s a bottle of milk, creamer and palm sugar; this is where Tuku’s loyal drinkers can truly explore iced coffee-making without fear of messing it up, especially when you have the ‘OG’ concoction in your possession. Choose between a regular coffee powder, cold brew or your favourite long black from coffee shops, then mix it with 150-180 ml of TUKU-in to create your very own es kopi susu. For those who like to experiment, this is a pastime one can try to kill time when work gets too heavy, or free time gets too free

Even when the situation puts coffee lovers in a bind, many shops are offering a variety of options to enjoy the beverage in the most accessible and uncomplicated way at home. Who knows, when this unusual period comes to an end, you may even come out with a new talent of concocting your own cup of joe. 


Three Folks Espresso Beans – IDR 62,000 for 250gr and IDR 220,000 for 1kg – Tokopedia

Say Something Drip Bag Coffee – IDR 70,000 – Tokopedia

Toko Kopi Tuku TUKU-in – IDR 55,000 – Tokopedia