Manual Pick: Chan & Feliciæ from The Balletcats

by Erdira Wirengjurit
30th October 2020
For the offbeat figurines Chan and Feliciæ, having cats nestled inside their bodies is a trick and treat they happily divulge as felinists of The Balletcats we selected for this round of Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Meet Chan and Feliciæ, and if they could talk, they’d say: “If you cut me open, cats will come shooting out of me.”

Before their birth as figurines, Chan and Feliciæ were recurring graphic characters in The Balletcats’ lineup, an independent local fashion label by duo Jordan Marzuki and Fatriana Zukhra, noted for their grotesque fictitious depictions inspired by felines. On occasion, The Balletcats launch special edition releases of their characters into collectables for the cat lover with a twisted sense of humour.

Toted on Chan and our white-haired lady Feliciæ are the loves of their lives: cats with piercing eyes, one ripping through Chan’s body and the others peeking through from the inside. With colourful albeit slightly deranged as the recognisable traits of The Balletcats, these figurines have been given similarly gaudy backstories to their characters, with more room for more imagination and spookiness to their tales. 

With Chan, one isn’t advised for undue honesty. On his first dinner rendezvous, his date revealed her unwarranted dislike for cats. A fatal confession that was, for Chan couldn’t comprehend anyone’s distaste for purry furry animals and might have lost slight control of his reaction when one came ripping through to attack, calling an end to the infelicitous dinner date. 

With her meek and unthreatening look, our lady Feliciæ is a mother and protector of cats in disguise as a dance instructor in the school next door. The cat lady carries with her a ward of her godchildren, cosily nestled closest to her heart and purr-fectly safe.

While felines have a bad rep for their strange, manipulative behaviours, a felinist would call them innocent quirks that make these animals all the more lovable. It won’t come as a surprise if a transcending revelation confirms that cat lovers have been cast a spell to be drawn in by these animals. Therefore, for the time being, let us divulge our humour and love with these uncanny figurines.


Chan Figure and Feliciæ Figure — The Balletcats — IDR 450,000/each