Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 3

Manual Jakarta
15th November 2018
Manual Jakarta Print is back with a third edition that reveals the various aspects of humour, including a profile on 'prankster' Agan Harahap, interviews with local 'selebgram', a story from Neti Herawati a.k.a. Bude Sumiyati, and more features to be thoroughly enjoyed during your reading time.

Complementary to our online publication, Manual Jakarta Print is an offline supplement that is published biannually to provide readers with a tangible and in-depth experience to Manual Jakarta’s philosophy in discovering the city as well as its people and culture.

After two issues (with the previous issue published in June), we are thrilled to welcome the third and latest edition of the print. This time, we dedicate the volume to Humour because, surely, 2018 has been a whirlwind of an eventful year thus far.

For this issue, we interview ‘prankster’ and artist Agan Harahap who reveals about his life and career as the man behind infamous artworks — which are often hilarious —  that carry a mix of politics and pop culture, a manifestation of his response to current affairs. Furthermore, we dive into the relationship between social media and humour in COMIC RELIEF! by putting the spotlight on four selebgram (Indonesian abbreviation for ‘celebrity on Instagram’) who are reshaping young Indonesians’ sense of humour. Then, we also have Neti Herawati a.k.a. Bude Sumiyati who benefitted from the case of identity theft that has propelled her to fame.

Next, in The Spectacle of Upcycle, we present fashion on a lighter note, where the editorial fashion spread features unique pieces made from everyday recycled items that were put together by fashion designer Felicia Budi of fbudi, with photography by Mikael Aldo. Following that, see how three striking accessories from Hermès are assimilated into the lively and amusing scenes of Jakarta in Hermès and The City. And of course, there are more topics that you can discover as you sit down and indulge in our latest issue.


Starting from 21st November, Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 3 is also available for purchase in these three cities: 

  1. Bali: Titik Temu Coffee
  2. Surabaya: Völks
  3. Yogyakarta: Klinik Kopi


Update: Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 3 is now available for purchase exclusively in ONNI House for the next three months until 31 May 2019. The print is also available online through MINIMALTKET (on Instagram @minimaltket).