Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 2

by Manual Jakarta
7th June 2018
The second issue of Manual Jakarta Print has arrived with a focus on stories from young individuals, Bobo, analogue photography, and many more. Here's what you can look forward to in this issue and find out how to obtain your copy.

Six months have passed since Manual Jakarta’s debut with the magazine’s first offline supplement, Manual Jakarta Print, a print publication created biannually for a tangible experience of our philosophy in discovering the culture and the people influencing it within the city. Our second print publication is soon about to fall in your hands and this time around, we put the spotlight on a theme that sits close to our hearts: Youth.

In this second issue, we explore the various tenors of youth as experienced by, well, anyone. First off, YOUTH SESSION looks close into the intimate narratives of young individuals of the city where each story is lead with their portraits by photographer Chris Bunjamin. Then, we’re saying hello again to Bobo. Hailing from The Netherlands, the children’s magazine has become our nation’s well-loved childhood playmate. Plus, we also turn our lens to probe into the curious comeback of analogue photography in Jakarta.

Next, we have designer and illustrator of The Balletcats Jordan Marzuki sharing with us how gory children’s books have influenced him, and also filmmaker Wregas Bhanuteja who speaks of his humble beginnings in the film industry and what is it like to work with those who are more experienced within the industry. Elsewhere, we sat down with Polka Wars’ bassist Xandega Tahajuansya whose latest venture involves maggots.

Whenever you’re seeking to unwind with a read, you can always head over to these selected establishments (click here to find the list) where you can indulge in Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 2. If you’re keen to own one, a limited amount of free copies of the print are also up for grabs at those establishments.

If you don’t want to miss out, we have Manual Jakarta Second Print Issue as well as Special Edition available for purchase. Apart from the print itself, this Special Edition contains a booklet of close-up portraits of the young individuals by Chris Bunjamin, an A1 poster of the cover of Jordan Marzuki’s latest children’s book and four postcards culled from this issue’s photo essay. These limited copies of Manual Jakarta Second Print Issue and Special Edition are available for purchase at MINIMALTKET (on Instagram @minimaltket) from 8th June 2018 onwards.