The Luminous Lume

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
25th January 2019
The posh and classy Lume in Senopati-Suryo strip houses a line-up of beautifully-crafted plates of food complete with luxurious lounge to host your occasions at sundown.

The Senopati-Suryo precinct is a world of treat with endless F&B establishments. Day or night, Jakartans frequent the area to satisfy any appetite of their calling. With the area being so much abuzz, Lume adds further depth into Senopati’s culinary résumé with an offering unlike others in the vicinity.

Lume was founded by Executive Chef Nicola Mondelli of the former Komunal 88 in Kemang. Here, Chef Mondelli goes back to his heritage by whipping up classy French-Italian cuisine, which he learnt from his experience in Europe. However, not just any plate of European food, he elevates his dishes with dashes of Japanese technique for a unique Asian twist.

Patrons are welcomed by an opulent illustration of Plato and Aristotle, a rendition of the famous The School of Athens painting by Raphael, as they enter the two-storey restaurant. A mood of sophistication follows suit, with a posh décor that adorns the restaurant right to every inch of detail. Not to mention, mood lighting emanates an alluring charm to highlight the restaurant’s beautifully-crafted plates of food.

Either for lunch or dinner, kick off your meal with something to share, like the Meatball and Fondue. Here, succulent beef meatballs are served with creamy cheese fondue and parmesan crisp. Take the Cheeseburger Risotto for your main, where a classic parmesan risotto with beef patty and tomato chutney is covered with a garlic cracker dome. Otherwise, go fancy with an enticing plate of Caviar Salmon, a crispy-skin salmon on a bed of finely-diced veggies and champagne caviar sauce. And don’t mind yourself a glass of White Chocolate Lava with vanilla ice cream and gold dust for a sweet ending.

All in all, Lume should not go unnoticed for any special occasions, or just when you really want a good, lavish meal. And with an equally luxurious lounge upstairs (which opens from 5pm until midnight), get your dose or two of sassy cocktails (either the Cosette or Wiggle & Wine would do) to wrap up for good night’s fun.