Pick a Seat at Lucy Curated Compound

by Cindy Julia Tobing
6th January 2023
After marking a bold presence in the nightlife scene, the Lucy Group brings their fun to Lucy Curated Compound, a lifestyle space in Adityawarman home to F&B newcomers, a bike repair and barbershop, as well as Lucy’s latest ventures: Lucy Steak and Buns and Lucy Beer Mart.

A curated communal space may not be novel anymore, but it’s always a welcomed concept that keeps growing in variety, one that players of the local lifestyle industry are unafraid to tap into and explore. This time, the execution came from the well-known Lucy Group with the establishment of Lucy Curated Compound (LCC), a two-story lifestyle space set in Adityawarman. 

After marking a bold presence in the nightlife scene with Lucy in the Sky, the Lucy Group slides into this latest venture with ease, cradling local F&B businesses that one may not have heard of yet, like the pandemic business Nasgero with its signature fried basmati rice and Bandung’s popular Sejiwa Coffee. There’s also a Lee Cooper shop that doubles as a consignment store, a bike repair and barbershop and even Lucy’s own music recording and production house in the making, all housed under one home.

Sitting on the gravelled grounds of LCC is a spacious house-like structure that feels both comfortable and functional, and those who make a visit seem to pick up on the compound’s unhurried atmosphere. From work-from-anywhere professionals running their meetings, a father-and-son duo getting their coffee fix as they wait for their bicycles to be repaired, to students whiling away with their laptops, the variety of crowd settles in comfortably as they indulge in their routine activities. 

The compound is also home to Lucy’s other latest establishments: Lucy Steak and Buns and Lucy Beer Mart. The former is a diner-like restaurant with prominent American influences, from its servings of steaks and fries along with burgers and milkshakes; amongst the favourite is the tender cuts of Picanha steak served with a sauce of choice from garlic yakitori to house gravy. 

The Lucy Beer Mart, on the other hand, is Lucy’s answer to a no-nonsense hideout where one can grab a cold one or two. Local and imported craft beers, soju and liquors are stored in a convenience store-like setting, and by the cashier counter, a cocktail slushie machine is propped as another fun feature of the store. In the deeper part of the mart sits a bar, which of recent, has played host to a throng of football fans watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup and cheery crowds ringing in the new year. 

Homegrown businesses have always been a pillar that shapes the city’s lifestyle industry, and to see different brands showcased together and blend in unison is why a curated space seems to always work regardless of its concept. Lucy Curated Compound is another example of this development, rounding off the energy of their culled tenants under one roof and creating a space where a variety of communities can easily get together.