For the Love of DIY with Living Loving

by Manual Jakarta
1st September 2014
The site for all things lovely, Living Loving’s simple and fun workshop gathers readers together and imparts the joy of making lovely things with their own hands.

Being an online site for all things lovely, it is no surprise that Living Loving – a site that focuses on creative inspirations and DIY routines – could not resist the charm of flowers. Ever since its inception, Living Loving has been a site where it encourages readers to instill creativity to their daily life routines and the joy of making lovely things with their own hands.

And the great thing is, Living Loving did not just talk the talk. They walk the walk. For the past few months, Living Loving has been holding workshop that teaches their readers on making fun and simple objects on their own. Their recent workshop, Afternoon Delight: Play with Flowers, involved learning how to make rustic corsage and headband from fresh flowers.

The workshop is also a great way for readers to meet offline, get to know each other and form a tight knit community on their own. There is no fixed theme for the workshop. It could be flowers now and homeware the next but you can be sure that it will be a useful skill to possess.

So if you’re looking for meaningful activities to do during weekend, do keep an eye out for future Living Loving’s DIY workshop.


Head to Living Loving to keep yourself updated for the next workshop.