The Art of Living and Loving

by Rachel Saputro
15th June 2014
Living Loving presents a select catalog of ideas, inspiration and all things lovely.

The task of finding inspiration can be likened to locating a small pink post-it note on a desk cluttered with crumpled doodles, a coffee mug stain, and stationary strewn all over. In other words, the Internet is a messy web of ideas, making it difficult to pick out the ones you’re really searching for. Thankfully, for the creative persona inside everyone of us, Living Loving is a curated well of inspiration – a one stop online site for all things lovely.

Created in early 2013, Living Loving is the brainchild of founders, Nike and Miranti. Their passion for all things creative coupled with the lack of such blogs, resulted in this project. Living Loving’s main goal is to share creativity & inspiration with their readers. They believe that being creative does not has to be a grandiose act, it can be as simple as picking wild flowers to decorate one’s room. It is these small and approachable thoughts that make Living Loving endearing and easy to digest.

With its simple & sleek appearance, Living Loving makes it easy to scroll through various ideas. On occasions where you’re feeling crafty, the blog has plenty of DIY articles to keep you busy. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the world through Living Loving’s collection of travelogues. If it’s inspiration that you need, browse through their different interviews with creative personalities. The idea is to share ideas, inspiration, and all things lovely.

Aside from their blog, Living Loving regularly holds events; most recently, the Etsy Craft Party for DIY photo embroidery. Participants were asked to send in their favorite photographs prior to the event. Embroidery tools & stitches were provided at the workshop so that they could add a new artistic flair to their favorite photos, printed on a tote bag. Such events give locals an opportunity to channel their creativity, and gather with those who share the same passion.

Presenting a select catalog of inspiration & knowledge for your creative life, with Living Loving, you’re only a few clicks away from being inspired.


To find out more about Living Loving, visit the site here.