Lexus Feast Continues Its Eco-Conscious Dialogue

by Runi Cholid
28th November 2023
Drawing from the theme, ‘Feast of Electrification: A Future Built Around You’, Lexus and Locavore teamed up once more to narrate their shared commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle through four dining courses.

Lexus and Locavore joined hands once again for the second edition of Lexus Feast. Held at Immersion by Lexus at Menara Astra with the theme ‘Feast of Electrification: A Future Built Around You’, the collaboration event pushed forward the idea of an eco-conscious lifestyle as told through four dining courses. 

“When we talk about lifestyle, we’re not only focused on the vehicle aspect but also what our customers do outside of that. That includes travelling, working, and culinary is a big part of that,” shared Lexus Indonesia’s General Manager, Bansar Maduma, on the idea behind the collaboration.

Entering the private lounge on the second floor, one would easily be awed by the elegantly designed interior by award-winning architect Budi Lim that effortlessly harmonises with the suspended Japanese hand fans and the handmade art panels made of over 50kg fabric offcuts by Threadapeutic. It’s also here where diners can get a further look into Lexus’ eco-conscious vision; for one, the 50-year-old kayu jati flooring not only points to a local influence but also the environmentally ideal age for chopping the teak wood. 

In line with Lexus’ ideals of sustainability, Locavore prepared recipes that parallel their mindful approach to food and exploration of ingredients. For one, ‘The Challenge’ kicked off with a plate of Hokkaido scallops, poached Sakoshi oyster and Oscietra caviar in a puddle of champagne butter sauce; this particular selection highlights the issue of imported ingredients on the rise of carbon footprint.

Like a solution to the problem, ‘The Commitment’ arrives in the form of a wagyu steak dish, directing the focus on its use of locally sourced ingredients. To minimise waste further, “We also made the jus (gravy) from cuts of beef that would usually be thrown away, and on the side, it’s oxtail and bone marrow croquette. So we’re not only using the prime cuts but also the third cuts,” described chef-founder of Locavore, Ray Adriansyah.

The main course, ‘The Electric Solution’ reflects Lexus’ new lineup of electrified cars translated into three dishes, from the smoked rice tempeh called ‘The Earth’, a pan-seared cold trout from Lombok titled ‘The Water’ and ‘The Fire’ with its organic, free-range roasted chicken breast from Kintamani. 

For dessert, visitors were encouraged to customise and in a way, ‘craft’ their own sweet treat, with results ranging from a combination of brioche or canelé as a base served alongside a dollop of ice cream and various garnishes that vary with each individual. Implied in the title, ‘Celebrating a Better Future’, the desserts denoted a particular vision for an ideal tomorrow, one that takes into consideration and can cater to every individual’s personal needs and wants. 

While such a future may feel distant—and wishful, almost—in the face of today’s global conflicts, its positive yearning can be felt through the dish. Beyond the delight of a sweet treat, there was a satisfaction that came from making the right choices in its creation, ultimately linking back to how our personal decisions, collectively, are never detached from the kind of future that awaits us. 

Casual and toned down while still allowing Locavore’s distinct qualities to shine through, the dining experience strung together a story that unravelled with each course. Dialogues flowed with ease as diners compared their dishes with one another. And when it came to an end and diners began to depart, there’s a sense that one is coming home with an informed and more urgent perspective on various environmental issues that are happening in daily life, as well as our active roles and sincere efforts in the matter.