Level Up at Quack Burgeria

by Runi Cholid
4th February 2022
After a brief hiatus, Quack Burgeria makes a comeback in East Kemang with a shiny new home, serving regulars and newcomers alike their special brand of hospitality and upgraded selections of ‘delicious honest hamburgers’.

Things are getting serious down at Quack Burgeria’s new headquarters in East Kemang. Just a few blocks away from its previous home, gone is the humble setup of a home-grade griddle and deep fryer, replaced with a fully-decked kitchen where Quack now whips up their own house blend of burger patties. Size-wise, they’ve also taken it up a notch, now comfortably accommodating triple what they’re used to after expanding its izakaya bar and extending it to diner booths and outdoor seating.

But one fundamental thing remains the same: head chef Masta and his cheery band of customer-turned-apprentices are still living up the kitchen with their personalities. Indeed, their community-centred approach wasn’t lost during the move. Masta continues to seek opportunities to build personal connections with his customers, even with the challenges posed by the less intimate new setup.

Beyond that, he also finds ways to connect and collaborate with fellow local establishments, from other restaurants to brands and even rival burger joints. Their latest stint was a kitchen takeover by Yuka, Yuki and Kogi of Futago at Quack’s new home, which saw them serving menus combined from each establishment’s specialities.

As for the meat of the matter, loyal customers will find no cause to worry about the menu. All the classics like the Quackburger and Quackfries can still be found at the eatery, this time with an upgraded set of ingredients. The folks at Quack now process the meat and potatoes themselves, the first boasting their own blend of USDA and Australian beef and the latter sourced locally from Dieng and chopped in-house.

Accompanying the OGs are a couple of new selections: the Chicken College, a chicken sandwich dripped with Quack’s tartar sauce, and the Milkquack, a classic milkshake with Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours to choose from. And in the future, Masta hopes to bring about a special menu each month to satiate his customers’ cravings for something beyond the ordinary.

Still wrapped in elements of Amekaji (a Japanese interpretation of American pop culture), Quack Burgeria’s new base and its upgrades maintain an eclectic mashup of izakaya and American diner, where Japanese decor and lightly-spiced burgers take the stage. As before, its peculiar charm continues to attract a steady stream of Jakartans on the hunt for good burgers in town. To them, Masta extends his gratitude, and he wishes them—as emblazoned on each receipt—a quacking day.