Get Your Kyuri Bowl

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
10th July 2019
At Kyuri, the salad bowls are given a Japanese spin of flavours while packing on nutrients without the guilt.

When our consumption impacts every bit of our wellbeing, we owe to ourselves the nourish the body right. But, that doesn’t mean settling for a sad-looking bowl of greens that would leave you feeling unsatisfied. Just head over to Kyuri to see (and taste) for yourself.  

Located along the trendy Gunawarman street, Kyuri is a Japanese-inspired eatery, offering salads and donburi bowls. Where everything is homemade from organic and locally-sourced ingredients, do expect wholesome meals coming your way. 

While most of us would easily turn down a bowl of greens upon sight, don’t at Kyuri. Don’t be surprised to find yourself reaching out for the vibrant Yuzu Mi-So Yummy (that mixes greens, kani sticks, mushroom, edamame, baked salmon and yuzu miso dressing) or the Soy Good Beef Tamanegi (packed with greens, paprika, tempeh chips, beef and tamanegi onion dressing). Either would do a fine job to satisfy your tummy post-workout in the area or even a brain-fueling lunch for the busy corporates. But in case you’re craving something heartier, do opt for one of the donburi rice bowls, just like the Curry-Up Now, or the low-carb version substituted for shiiratake rice.

Still can’t find a bowl to suit your buds? Simply customise your salad or donburi for bowl of your dream. All that’s left to do is to pair the meal with  Yuzu Lemonade or Matcha Iced Latte to wash it all down. Overall, it’s a win-win situation at Kyuri. Props to them for making veggies look (and taste) exciting. Next time in you’re in the area, remember that you can get your serving of greens and have them just as delish too.