Let’s Get Kozi

by Sandy Indahsari
4th October 2017
Kozi Lab brings the distinct Bandung vibe with their concealed location, where coffee is best enjoyed in the cosy outdoor area.

Nestled in the street of Jeruk Purut, Kozi Lab – a coffee shop originated from Bandung – is now bringing its hidden tranquil vibe to the capital. Since their first establishment in 2015, Kozi is known to provide hangout spot in hidden environment: behind a garage in an old warehouse or surrounded by bushes in a garden-like-abode with minimal signage.

Staying true to its roots, Kozi Lab’s first branch in Jakarta is almost hidden from sight. Sitting comfortably in a residential neighbourhood, their signature red door and ensemble of wooden window frames can be hardly seen from the outside. But such complication actually heightens the experience of Kozi.

With constant traffic and tropical heat, it is often difficult to find a place in Jakarta where one can truly enjoy the outdoors as much as indoors. In a familiar Bandung vibe, Kozi is separated into indoor and outdoor area where the latter is, without a doubt, a crowd’s favourite. The quaint garden fitted in recycled furniture and greenery all around is often filled with people getting cosy with a a cup of coffee (beans from Smoke and Barrels) as the traffic unfolds.

Such laidback attribute is why Kozi is also frequented by families. Kids can be seen digging in Kue Leker while parents enjoy their caffeine fix and friendly baristas chatting away over Kozi’s signature Kosangsu (white iced coffee with banana syrup) as the sun sets. Whatever the reason you may have, kicking it back within a green space on a warm day always sounds like a good idea. And at Kozi, you can do exactly that.