Koultoura Heads North

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
26th February 2019
Koultoura Coffee settles their second round of specialty coffee in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) along with comforting fares in a clean and minimal space in Burza Tower.

In recent years, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) has grown to be one of the city’s favoured destinations for food enthusiasts. Its variance of F&B offerings offers up options after options, calling up for your next visit each time round. And adding on to that list is Koultoura Coffee within Burza Tower.

Since 2013, Koultoura has been pleasing coffee enthusiasts in West Jakarta with their neighbourhood coffee shop at Taman Ratu Indah. In addition to that, their offshoot KLTR also welcomes white collars of Central Jakarta with their coffee and crowd-pleasing brunch fare.

This time round, the open-space coffee shop in Burza Tower bears a clean and minimal design and sits below a co-working space and fitness center in the same building. Like both of establishments, good coffee is all the rage here. Expect gym-goers lining up for coffee prior to their exercise as well as office workers casually chatting with their coffee fix on hand.

For fares, Koultoura whips up good ol’ comforting western-inspired fares to complement their coffee. Take the hearty Egg & Ham Croissant for example, where a flaky croissant is stuffed with smoked beef, scrambled eggs, lettuce and tomato. Alternatively, opt for Mr. Big; a plate of scrambled eggs accompanied with chorizo (pork sausage), crispy bacon, mushroom and toast.

For the office workers, it’s convenient to have your second round as the afternoon slows down. But other than coffee, there’s still something for everyone. Those who prefer to limit their caffeine intake can freshen up with the Tropical Sunrise (pineapple juice mixed with yakult and splash of soda) or the Fruity Punch! (strawberry, peach, lychee and pineapple juice is fused with a splash of soda).

With Central and West Jakarta already under its reach, branching out to the north is definitely a rational move. Particularly in PIK where the area is limited in its choices of specialty coffee, Koultoura is clearly a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood.