Koultoura Coffee Strikes Again

by Cindy Julia Tobing
3rd March 2023
Koultoura Coffee lands its new home in Senopati with a refreshed identity, reflected through their newly-developed coffee cans and a wide-ranging menu to its exciting link-up with artisanal doughnut shop, Dough Darlings.

Since 2012, the lightning bolt logo faithfully follows Koultoura Coffee from their first shop in West Jakarta to the Pantai Indah Kapuk branch. It’s as if telling fellow coffee lovers “you’re in for a wakening jolt as our coffee can give you just the right kick”—and this seems fittingly appropriate for Koultoura, one of the older and recognised players of the city’s third-wave coffee scene, whose mission has always been about informing the public about the coffee culture and its fair-trade practices.

After taking a two-and-a-half-year break in 2019, Koultoura rejuvenates its identity with more exciting things on the line. Now serving at their newly-opened Senopati outlet perched on a busy corner of Ciniru street is a new selection of ready-to-drink coffee swagging their bubbly mascots on the can, a hearty dine-in menu with various culinary influences, and in an exciting merge, artisanal doughnuts from Bali’s beloved Dough Darlings.

“Over the past 10 years, the coffee industry has evolved significantly and we were presented with many new trends. Although we stay true to our vision, we improve and move with the times rather than being too idealistic, that’s why we introduced the coffee cans,” said the chief operating officer, Andrian Harjanto. “It allows an easy and on-the-go drinking experience without compromising the quality as the coffee stays fresh.”

At the coffee shop, Koultoura’s floor personnel have welcomed patrons that are no strangers to the brand and readily order their favourite caffeine fixes. But it has also welcomed new, curious faces that were initially more drawn to the store’s unique design. It boasts curvy pillars that seamlessly flow to their semi-private dining area and outdoor seatings, set with subtle lighting perfect for guests who are hooked on to their work gadgets to linger long, while adorned with installations of their red-blue mascot on the walls—an antithesis to the white-on-white, minimalist café design that can feel too familiar for one’s taste by now.

Naturally building on an atmosphere that encourages a longer stay, Koultoura compliments it with their wide-ranging menu. The soft-shell Beef Bulgogi Tacos with a mildly sweet bite and Dough Darlings’ light and fluffy doughnuts are surprisingly fulfilling to be paired with one of Koultoura’s coffee cans or mocktails; the pot of the popular Spaghetti Brulee topped with puff pastry and mozzarella cheese is another hearty sharing option; and there’s the spicy plate of Triple C that heaps rice with big slices of ayam geprek (crispy battered fried chicken). 

Another unveiling of Koultoura’s transformation will be shown at their future outlets in the making, embracing a different concept with more lifestyle additions on the line. But for now, Koultura is settling nicely at their quaint Senopati outlet, welcoming longtime and curious faces with their offerings that feel both excitingly new and reliably familiar.