Kopi Toko Djawa Arrives in Menteng

Cindy Julia Tobing
8th January 2021
Bandung's Kopi Toko Djawa opens in Menteng. Hauling their caffeinated mainstays and pastries, the coffee shop also flaunts the same laid-back and eclectic charms of their flagship in Braga street.

Chances are you’ll encounter Kopi Toko Djawa when strolling around Bandung’s iconic Braga street. The popular coffee shop, which resides in what used to be an independent bookshop of a similar moniker, Toko Buku Djawa, has been a trusted pit-stop for its delicious coffee brews and pastries. Today, the brand spreads its wings to the capital with their latest shop in Menteng, flaunting new offerings and a likened atmosphere of Braga flagship’s laid-back and eclectic charms.

Through the green canopy roof and the identifying red-and-white moniker, Kopi Toko Djawa stands out amongst the white-walled buildings lining up the main street of Johar. Those who’ve been to the flagship will spot unique similarities to the Menteng shop, especially with the appearance of houseplants, books and the familiar wooden shelf storing their pastries. A rather spacious and sunlit abode, visitors will be compelled to settle among the cafe’s few aesthetic corners and spend leisure hours here.

Coffee creations abound, from the quintessential latte selections and newer creations like the frothy Es Kopi Awan to manual brew for the purists. Non-coffee also takes the spotlight here with a variety of tea and milk-based beverages, hand-in-hand with their freshly-made pastries like doughnuts and brownies to cinnamon rolls. Exclusive to the Menteng outlet, a new menu rounds the list with the coffee-flavoured Es Kopi Djawa Soft Serve, a perfect sensation to beat the city’s heat.

Since its inception in 2017, Kopi Toko Djawa has quickly become people’s favourite through its memorable identity that’s been set and preserved from their first shop in Braga. And the success streak is visible in the shop’s increasing presence with four other outlets under their belt (Gandapura, Riau, Burangrang in Bandung and Pondok Indah in Jakarta). With their mission to celebrate Indonesian coffee, it’s only a matter of time before Kopi Toko Djawa blooms in other parts of the city.