Step in to Kopi PONO

by Erdira Wirengjurit
7th December 2018
With its attractive colourway, Kopi PONO in Kemang will draw you in for the first time. And the times after that, it'll be for the indulgent fares and good coffee.

It’s always a love-hate relationship with Kemang: on one hand, one might be averse to the traffic and crowd, but one can’t also deny the few favourite spots that keep us coming back. To wit, Kopi PONO is a new eye-popping addition to Kemang Selatan that will have you returning for all the right reasons.

Doused in a trendy colourway, Kopi PONO beams a playful atmosphere. The extending seating area accommodates all sorts of group parties whether you’re in for an easy work meeting or casual luncheon. Though, keep in mind of the groups of mums during the first half of the day; the lively ambiance seems to be contagious on the children too.

But aside from that, it’s easily the fares that keep one in the loop. The tidy menu gives a selection of delectable dishes and drinks, all without breaking the bank. Gone are the senses of guilt from overspending on a meal, Kopi PONO grasps our love for pocket-friendly food.

Among the fair range of brunch, Western and Indonesian dishes, try out the Loco Pono; a creamy bowl of garlic rice, veggies, beef patty and poached egg to top it off. If you’re looking for an afternoon snack, a plate of their Spicy Chicken Wings would be a good fit to share with.

If you want to grab a cuppa’, don’t doubt that you’d be in good hands here. Kopi PONO sources their beans from GORDI. Their signature PONO Series would likely be something to catch your fancy. Choosing a base of either frozen coffee, matcha, red velvet or Taro, it is served together with milk, chocolate and coffee jelly in deconstructed style. However, for something refreshing, take a sip of the Mango Colada.

Those with a sweet tooth, end your good meal with desserts to match. Kopi PONO shares its home with Bloomsbury, who is in charge of whipping up beautifully plated desserts that set to impress. The sweet and limited selection may leave you wanting them all, but the Chocolate Treasure (triple chocolate goodness of lava cupcake in chocolate ball served with chocolate syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream) and Hawaiian Panna Cotta (coconut-based panna cotta with strawberry compote) are the winners that you’d want to sink your teeth into.

It’s fair to say that Kemang’s latest kid on the block is welcomed with an embrace. Kopi PONO already hosts many and it won’t be surprising if you feel compelled to return. For whatever reason you wish to stay away from this neighbourhood, it’s additions like Kopi PONO will keep calling you back, time and time again.