For the Love of Kopi Muja

By Cindy Julia Tobing
12th February 2020
Befitting the name, Kopi Muja is all about prolonging one's love for coffee. Though their start was not in their favour, the coffee house shows that truce and sincerity are the way to go.

Befitting the name, Kopi Muja is by design a place for the coffee enthusiasts. Joining South Jakarta’s burgeoning coffee scene, the new joint in Gandaria shows that you can never run out of options when it comes to prolonging one’s love for the brewed drinks.

Situated by the street of Ahmad Dahlan, Muja’s striking concrete block facade is hard to miss. While its spacious interiors resonate with what seemed to be today’s coffee shops’ standard ‘look’—simple lines,  glass walls, wood elements and industrial-feel—it doesn’t cancel out the atmosphere Muja wants to exude since the beginning: drinking good coffee with mellowed contentment. 

Bringing the ‘smart and simple’ concept to work, Muja also lends itself a space so that community-based activities can thrive, such as mini pop-ups and workshops. And while every corner in the shop goes well for both work and leisure, there’s a private room where one can do some grind in quiet. 

But of course, it’s also about what the menu has to offer. For a caffeine fix, get their signature es kopi susu Muja, or dwell in their seasonal single-origin coffee. For a different smack of taste, try the Everglow, a mixture of espresso and strawberry syrup, topped with plain soda. For the empty tummies, go for a round of their local and fusion fares with a plateful of the spicy nasi ikan cakalang or the savoury garlic bread tuna mentai. 

Here’s something; swept by an incident involving a customer and in-house barista, safe to say that early days of Muja was not in their favour. But as controversies go, it’s all about making truce and growing from it. And as they’ve shown it, Kopi Muja is back on track to accommodate with courtesy and a love for coffee.