The Brunch and Coffee KLTR

by Sandy Indahsari
25th August 2017
A sibling to Koultoura, KLTR is serving up quality coffee with hearty brunch fare in Central Jakarta that complement well with work meetings.

Brunch is, more and more, becoming a popular fixation in Jakarta. If you’re a brunch enthusiast, thank your lucky stars that there’s no lack of establishments within the city to help you with that. For years, Koultoura Coffee in West Jakarta has been a dependable family-friendly neighbourhood coffee shop for the residents nearby. And now, it has branched out to Central Jakarta with a new look, vibe and even name.

The shortening of name to just KLTR reflects the establishment’s aim in setting the second addition apart from its main branch. The Brooklyn-inspired interior, with red brick walls and soft jazz music playing in the background, is certainly a one hundred and eighty degrees turn from Koultoura’s cutesy appeal.

Food wise, KLTR focuses on hearty brunch fare that keep you sated easily. For example, the fluffy aerated egg in Full Breakfasts is the obvious choice when it comes to a no-brainer pick. Then there’s also Bulgogi Sandwich served with homemade kimchi and the recommended French Toast with Maple Pork Bacon that suit those with big appetites.

Over here, KLTR often attracts young professionals who often drop by for a coffee and brunch to go with their meeting. Don’t be surprised to see diners pitching business ideas or proposals over their meal. Things may take a serious turn with all the business talks but KLTR easily dispels that over at the coffee bar, where barista prepares coffee and pour them right in front of diner like a mixologist, while engaging in friendly conversation at the same time.

With an atmosphere that is both earnest and laidback, there’s little wonder why KLTR is quickly getting the attention they deserved. Coupled with quality coffee that they’ve been consistently serving, it won’t be long before KLTR steps out of Koultoura’s shadow.