Sanctuary Haven at Kisaku

by Cindy Julia Tobing
19th September 2019
Kisaku embraces a sanctuary-like space in the neighbourhood of Senopati where a serene hideout meets great coffee for an ideal pairing that you can't turn down.

The coffee shop Kisaku, which in Japanese means warm, sociable and all that is good-natured, may make you glance back with its minimalist structures and a welcoming outdoor common space tucked in the busy Senopati neighbourhood. With an array of great-tasting coffee under their belt, a short visit can turn into hours of being surrounded in a thoroughly cosy ambience with caffeinated options that tick all the right boxes.

The stripped-down interiors that embrace wooden and earthy tones is an inviting atmosphere, bringing a certain calmness for those craving a much-needed pause in their routine. And to accompany your momentary interlude are coffee offerings maintained at the highest quality. Choose from the classic black and white coffee with espresso drips to the newer twists like iced coffee pandan and iced kampoeng latte and watch as the baristas prepare your treat with an equally quality dedication. Those looking for a dairy-free option can also opt for oat milk instead. Pair the drinks with assorted cookies or mix them up with assorted dishes such as nasi bogana and nasi jeruk for a no-fuss meal. The tight selection of grubs will do just well should you feel peckish at any time.

As a coffee hub, Kisaku serves its purpose in spades. The three-legged white crow mascot, reminiscent of the Japanese mythological creature, Yatagarasu (which means good fortune), poses as both the face and some sort of a good luck charm. Yet, the mainstay of the place rests on the customers who treat this place as their sanctuary. Kisaku is built like an open and unassuming space, letting you interact with people even from across the room. Reflecting its name, Kisaku aspires to be as warm as their coffee and as amiable as their space and they’re well on their way to become the neighbourhood’s go-to.