Kedai Lante Satu Hits The Restart Button

by Audrey Karina
2nd March 2016
The residents around Kemanggisan area no longer need to travel far to enjoy specialty coffee as they can now do so at Kedai Lante Satu after their recent makeover.

Comparing images of the old and new Kedai Lante Satu would garner a unanimous response that the transformation is indeed staggering.

The new Kedai Lante Satu is almost unrecognisable from its origins. Before the decision to renovate Kedai Lante Satu, the place was decorated with an eclectic array of furniture and colourful décor, alongside local Indonesian dishes. Today, pristine white walls and pared-down design elements create an uncluttered look that is ideal for sipping a cuppa leisurely.

The change came in late December 2015, when the owners of Kedai Lante Satu – Nova Kusumaningayu and her husband Timur Angin, an established photographer, along with Nova’s sister, Intan Purbawati – took it upon themselves to convert the space and reintroduce the establishment as a specialty coffee joint.

Their coffee beans are sourced from a handful of local micro-roasteries, such as Coffee Smith and 9 Cups. The presence of a dedicated coffee bar and amicable baristas who gladly strike up conversations just about anything are indications of Kedai Lante Satu’s newly found pull.

Aside from their coffee, they also serve tea blends with funky names and various flavours (Banana Flambe, Svadista Chai, Whity Rose). The food menu spans a range of light snacks (Spicy Cola Chicken Wings, Herbs Chicken Salad) and main courses (Salmon Teriyaki with Hong Kong Noodle) that is ideal for the time-strapped.

By being situated in Kemanggisan area, Kedai Lante Satu is a welcoming entry in a community that is not saturated with established coffee shops compared to Central and South Jakarta. It also serves as an introduction to specialty coffee for the residents around the area, as well as a fitting detour for those escaping Kemanggisan’s frequently congested strip.