At home in Kedai Kopi 89

by Julius Kensan
13th May 2015
Kedai Kopi 89 is that one spot in Kemang where it induces one to dream of doing nothing on a lazy afternoon with a good book on one hand and an iced coffee on the other.

It is very likely that you’ve been unknowingly passing by Kedai Kopi 89 in Kemang all this time, thinking that the building only houses a furniture store. In fact, the said furniture store, Decorous, which carries a variety of home décor products from sofa to bespoke rugs, also serves as host to the cosy homelike café, Kedai Kopi 89.

Kedai Kopi 89 derives its name from its address number and takes up only one side of the building, forming an “L” strip. Still, even when the space is limited, Kedai Kopi 89 appears to be bigger than its actual size, thanks to the high ceiling with equally high glass walls, which allows ample sunlight into the establishment.

Once seated, the establishment’s easy atmosphere settles one’s mind immediately. It also helps that all sorts of furniture from Decorous surround Kedai Kopi 89 like a shield as you ease yourself into a cosy corner with a book on one hand and food on the other. As for food wise, it is definitely safe to place your bet on the perennially local favourites, such as fried rice, oxtail soup and meatballs. If not, one still wouldn’t go wrong with pasta and salad.

It is that sense of security and cosiness of a home combined with affordable menu that make this an ideal establishment to while your time away. So, if there comes a day where you’d rather do nothing but still prefer to spend your time away from home, then you might do well to bury yourself in this nest instead.