A Pit Stop at Kedai Inn

By Cindy Julia Sobing
11th November 2019
Quick stops turn into hours at Kedai Inn, a kopitiam-esque eatery at Gelora Bung Karno, suited for post-workout grubs or lazing hours in the middle of the city.

Momentous moments happened at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), from riveting football matches and concerts to the merriment of last year’s Asian Games. But for day-to-day, the establishment works as an exercise ground for people of all ages who wish to participate in some workout around the stadium. As an ideal hangout after a good sweat, Kedai Inn comes with comfort grubs and beverages perfect for people to unwind.

A stone’s throw away from GBK’s softball stadium, Kedai Inn is designed like a modern kopitiam, where everyone can indulge in an unfussed eating experience. The coffee house’s enclosed area extends to an outdoor terrace where wooden stools and high tables let guests enjoy the light breeze that occurs during the day. Stepping inside would make one forget about the jam-packed streets, even when it is located near GBK’s entrance.

The eatery is ample on the menu, so don’t fret on running out of options. Here, expect staples of traditional coffee house offerings, from its brewed coffee down to home-cooked munches like toasted bread with srikaya jam or mee pok-style dishes.

Start with their specialty Kopi Susu Kedai Inn, paired with their signature roti kukus, a steamed bread with fillings of one’s choice, like chocolate, cheese, or srikaya spread. For a more hearty meal, choose from the classic Hainan rice to egg noodle sets, which you can substitute with shirataki, a traditional Japanese noodles for those who wants to cut down on the calories. The inn’s outdoor juice bar is also a fun and healthy go-to, as one is free to order their signature juices or customise mixed ones.

Or perhaps, forget about the calorie count, for the establishment also prides on homemade ice creams, their signature being Es Krim Susu Aren, an Indonesian palm sugar ice cream for the local sweet treat.

Smacked dab in the middle of Senayan, Kedai Inn is Kalyan Group’s latest F&B entry that sought to balance a mix of everyday comfort with quality offerings; from the freshly-brewed coffee beans and juices to artisanal nourishments. The coffeehouse’s simple conveniences are a no-brainer for a short pick-me-up or lazing hours, making a trip to GBK a well-rounded one.