In The Kitchen with Jessica Eveline

by Sandy Indahsari
2nd June 2017
In this part of In The Kitchen, Operational Manager and Chef Jessica Eveline guides us on how to achieve Three Buns’ Kool Herc (cheeseburger) in the comfort of your own home.

Hamburger is arguably one of the most quintessential comfort food, whether it’s from fast food chain, restaurant or homemade. Since 2014, Three Buns has taken up the role of redefining the local burger joint in style. The low-key yet refined establishment core offerings are simple: hearty gourmet burgers with homemade sauce paired with fresh tropical cocktails. A combination that one can never go wrong with.

And the chef responsible for it is Jessica Eveline. Since last year, she has the “privilege to take care of Three Buns completely” as the Operational Manager, where her duty requires her to look after the operational side of Three Buns, including maintaining food quality in the kitchen as well as the beverage at the bar.

As a chef and being in charge of Three Buns is right up her alley as she’s been introduced to cooking since young. “When you were little, you see your grandmother cooking your favourite food, your favourite comfort food, it’s something that I love” said Jessica, “Something that I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Asked what type of food she prefer to indulge, Jessica said, “Anything that comforts you when you’re hungry, when you’re stress. You need something like a hot bowl of pasta or hot creamy soup, even a burger. When you eat it, you know it’s so good, it’s comforting.”

For her, food acts as a remedy and also provides consolation or a feeling of security, such as a simple burger. But if Jessica has the freedom to try something different in the future, she hopes to include a “crazy burger” on the menu, considerably using “glaze donuts instead of brioche buns” to achieve the combination of “savoury and sweet taste with the burger.”

Here, Jessica shared with us a classic rework of cheeseburger. The concept of a hamburger is simple. It is essentially meat patty sandwiched between two buns. She also added, “Everybody can try-this-at-home kind of burger. It’s classic”. Once you get this basic recipe down, you are able to customise or alter it to your own preference.


Kool Herc (Cheeseburger)

This recipe is divided into two parts: creating the burger patty and homemade Three Islands Mayo.


Burger Patty


1 Brioche Bun

120 gr Beef Patty

1 slice of Cheddar Cheese

15 gr Three Islands Mayo

12 gr Home-made Ketchup

8 gr Bread and Butter Pickle

18 gr Ice Berg Lettuce

25 gr Tomato



  1. Take a chilled firm patty from the fridge; season generously and evenly with kosher salt on one side.
  2. Place the seasoned side of the patty on the hot grill, press lightly with burger flipper, leave for 90 seconds. Until a crust seals on the patty, season the other side with kosher salt.
  3. Carefully turn the patty over with a burger flipper, leave for another 90 seconds, flip over.
  4. Place a slice of cheese over the patty; place the cloche over the patty, with a small squirt of water just before the cloche comes to full contact with the grill.
  5. Remove after 20-30 seconds; make sure the core temp of the patty is 60°C – 62°C medium.
  6. Place on a resting tray; allow resting for 30 seconds.
  7. Remove grilled burger from the resting tray and place in between brioche buns.


Homemade Three Islands Mayo Sauce


  1. Simply mix plain mayonnaise and tomato ketchup according to your own preference.