Positive Jiffs at Jaya Festival

by Candy Anthrasal
15th June 2015
Jaya festival took yoga into the spotlight amid series of other amusing activities to get the weekend soaked in a fun holistic fellowship.

One of the easiest ways to link people together by their mutual interests is through festivals, where food, drinks, and trailblazing local products take the lead amidst jam-packed rows of activities. When the gestures get a little too conventional, some interesting ideas are necessary in order to carry a better experience.

Dini Yoga has collaborated with Ekanta Gallery, Kalyana Shira Foundation and Rumah Ranadi in hosting Jaya Festival; an event aimed to spread positive vibes with yoga as a choice of medium. The event that took place in Rumah Ranadi lasted for the whole day with many other interactive dynamics to follow, such as  art, music, film screening, food and organic tenants, all the way to holistic healing. The event finished off with a little bit of everything for everyone to groove in, where it all sums up into an effective weekend spent with family and friends.

And it’s not just fellow yoga experts who get to enjoy the lion’s share of the festive event; if anything, positive spirits can be seen roaming all around the crowds. Have a look at the coverage below.