Ukulele Making Class by Indoestri

by Manual Jakarta
1st June 2015
Likewise, Indoestri with its self-made ethos transformed a lazy Saturday morning into a stimulating time through one of its rousing tutorials. Find the coverage for last weekend’s ukulele making class here.

Saturday mornings can be pretty much sluggish. Nevertheless, if you’re not in the mood to feed on your slothful side whatsoever, you know you can always rely on Indoestri to inject a stimulating buzz to your brain.

As always, Indoestri with its self-made fervour came up again with one-of-a-kind activity last weekend. This time, it was Ukulele making class. Hosted by Andy Mahardika of Mahardika Instrument, the event was met with full enthusiasm from young creative heads. Isn’t it always better to create something over the weekend rather than just lounging around not knowing what to do? Check out the coverage of the event below.