In Search of Simplicity with Surely/Someday

by Julius Kensan
24th February 2014
Surely/Someday + Kitchen delivers baked creations with taste of home, simplicity and a dash of nostalgia.

Sometimes, trying to achieve the simplest things may just be the hardest. Surely/Someday + Kitchen believes in simplicity and to them, the latter is a serious commitment and vision.

For the owner, Sun Wahyu, the one particular memory that keeps flashing through his mind is the childhood memory of his mum baking chiffon cake for the family. Hence, the basis of Surely/Someday + Kitchen was established from that nostalgia. “It should feel effortless, humble and light without any unnecessary design,” said Wahyu.

The core product of Surely/Someday + Kitchen is cookies. Among them, Earl Grey Cookie is the most popular – its taste is extremely light with a hint of Earl Grey that lingers in your mouth. Other favourites include, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip and the latest Salted Chocolate and Butterscotch. Don’t expect a highly sophisticated end product in the style of French Patisserie, for that’s not what Wahyu is trying to achieve. “In a way, I find imperfection very poetic,” he explained.

Though currently, Surely/Someday + Kitchen is only stocking their products in cafes or shops, there is no plan to open a shop anytime soon. Instead, Wahyu is focusing on the products and looking to release more diversified products in the future.

As such, one of the ways to get your hands on Surely/Someday + Kitchen products is by ordering them online. The goods will be delivered to your doorstep within three working days after payment confirmation. But for some creations, it will take some time as longer preparation is required.