Exploring Full Course Dinner the IKEA Way

by Julius Kensan
20th May 2016
Shifting our gaze to something that is rarely discussed, we consider the no-fuss charm of IKEA’s restaurant, where they've got it all covered from light snack, main course to desserts.

Travelling to IKEA often feels like a major trip on its own, especially when the said store is located a distance away from Jakarta. No doubt those who are acquainted with IKEA would find comfort in meandering the snaking lanes along the showrooms with the company of family or friends. And sometimes, indulging in a brief yet embarrassing session of “playing home”.

That’s why all those walking and browsing easily build up an appetite in you. But don’t be in a hurry to rush off to nearby malls to fix your hunger. Even as a ready-to-assemble furniture and housewares store, IKEA does excel in delivering meals that would please both your appetite and wallet.

Here we share with you our recommended way to dine in IKEA from starters, main course to desserts.



Smoked salmon and shrimp salad are easily the go-to options to start the meal. The latter, with its generous servings of juicy shrimps, crisp lettuce and tangy sauce, makes for an ideal introduction to the food in IKEA. Still, don’t be fooled just because it’s a starter, the portion is substantial enough to satisfy a light eater.


Main Course

It’s hard to think of a dish that’s best represent IKEA better than its famous Swedish meatballs. Your trip to IKEA wouldn’t be complete without at least going through a plate of meatballs drenched in cream sauce to be dipped with their famed Lingonberry preserves. If, in your honest opinion, a meal is not complete yet without rice, IKEA introduces chicken balls where it comes with yellow rice.

Don’t fret if this happened to be your first time in IKEA and that these Scandinavian fare seems foreign; the restaurant offers Indonesian food in the form of roasted chicken Taliwang with rice. The latter is also a genius way to introduce curious expats, who have yet to be acquainted with Indonesian cuisine. And while you’re at it, don’t miss out the chance to slip in a few of their delicious shrimp dumplings and shrimp cakes.



If you’ve been pacing your meal mindfully, then you would still have some room left for desserts. Although options are slightly limited, but sweet-toothed would quickly find comfort in their appetising chocolate cake and a handful other choices such as raspberry cake, Swedish apple pie and cinnamon roll to round off the meal. Those who aren’t into dessert might just want to settle with a packet of our very own Diamond full-cream milk. It’s equally satisfying to say the least.



Just when you think you can’t eat anymore, there’s that simple yet winsome donut sprinkled with powdered sugar to make you reconsider your thought. Indeed, the store is so thoughtful that one could even start right off with light bites, in order to boost yourself with some energy for shopping later on.

Just like it is highly recommended to opt for their famous Swedish meatballs for your main meal, you might want to prescribe yourself with their vanilla ice cream or chicken hot dog in soft buns at the end of your IKEA trip. If you’re here purely for the gastronomy sake, then safe to say you won’t be leaving without bringing at least one or two of their Lingonberry preserves back home.