A Taste of Nusantara in Hutan Kota

by Erdira Wirengjurit
24th January 2020
Hutan Kota by Plataran's grandeur extends beyond the zesty and flavourful Indonesian food: their arresting venue in GBK sports complex offers a glimpse into the archipelago's beauty.

As the government and business capital of Indonesia, Jakarta encapsulates what the country has to offer. While cultural diversity is present, less can be said of F&B establishments that can bring a glimpse of the archipelago’s nature as stately as Hutan Kota by Plataran does.

Situated in GBK sports complex over some few hectares of land, Hutan Kota presents our Nusantara in grandeur. The compound of three buildings, TigaDari, Pidari and Rumah Kaca Melati, esteems our heritage through food, design and nature. The largest venue (TigaDari) houses the main restaurant where patrons dine in a grand hall draped in traditional-contemporary spirit. The charm extends to private dining rooms where one can easily picture the ongoings of a formal dinner of VIP guests, like say, the President. Indeed, this venture isn’t supposed to do less than impress even the most high profile of patrons, and rightfully so.

Dining extends to the Melati glass house where you’ll dine exposed to the backyard view and surrounding greens. The unforgiving weather has been quite a hunch to overcome for construction. But even then, it hasn’t stopped customers from taking the pleasure of dining like the bon-vivants they are. Additionally, the glass house is designed to be versatile for events and functions of any tasteful concept.

It goes without saying that Hutan Kota aces their wholehearted Indonesian menu. Every dish and beverage heeds to Indonesia’s many flavours. Since among the features of Indonesian cuisine is in the beauty of mixing multiple flavour profiles and still experience a succulent finesse, your choices will not fail. For some sweet zest, Kerapu Sauce Nanas plates a whole deep fried grouper fish with pineapple sambal. Order the signature Nasi Goreng Kentongan, (a savoury lamb fried rice in a bamboo trunk) and witness the special treatment of serving this dish, which includes a good wish of luck. In true Indonesian fashion, every meal is a family-style affair. Dessert here, on the other hand, embraces a western flair here and there. To wit, Crepe Es Teler serves a plating of crepes with garnishes of the sweet beverage.

Because the archipelago’s diversity isn’t a story to be told through flavours only, Hutan Kota’s arresting allure is in the design of the compound that heeds to Indonesia’s bountiful gift of nature. Flora’s abound the premises and birds of unique feathers roam freely. It’s a sight hardly ever seen in an urban jungle like Jakarta, yet Hutan Kota found this calling right by Jakarta’s busiest main street and still offers a world’s away of experience, one that is a glimpse of our nation with its many heritage.