The Pursuit of Hunter and Grower

By Cindy Julia Tobing
20th December 2019
Hunter and Grower forgoes formalities to become a neighbourhood's joint in Kemang: embracing local flavours, the restaurant also lends itself a space for a mini retail corner bounty of artisanal lifestyle goods.

The dynamic duo behind Mister Sunday, Fergie Tan and Yusuf Asikin, along with architect Marcello Decaran, has moved into a new realm of F&B with their latest venture, Hunter and Grower. The new establishment, situated by the street of East Kemang, forgoes formalities to bring forth a neighbourhood’s joint where visitors can savour local fusion food, while also dwell at their retail corner for a little shopping spree.

From outside, the place may gather an intimidating feel with its minimalistic off-white tiling exterior. But stepping in imbues a rather casual and market-like atmosphere; wood panelling matches its industrial-style interiors, while the open-counter lends itself a space for displays of scrumptious desserts and food knick-knacks, further inducing a homey feel.

But the real star is probably the fusion menu, dissected to cater to everyone’s taste buds while embracing local flavours. Take the crowd’s favourite, sans soup Sayur Asem Salad, which plates quinoa, kale, fried tofu, melinjo and roasted beef, served with sayur asem dressing. If one’s up for a western flair to pair with a strong Indonesian kick, there’s the Rendang Meatball Spaghetti, a pasta course served with spicy rendang, dried coconut and homemade potato chips.

In addition to the customary beverage, the fusion drinks deserve a try. Imagine drinking a fizzy jamu, a modern-spin of turmeric, ginger and ginger ale with their Turmeric Shake. There’s also the Chill Lemonade, a concoction of lime, lemon and green chilli, bursting with spicy aftertaste for those looking for a fresher during humid afternoons.

Though meant for grubs, the restaurant also lends itself a space for a mini retail corner. From plants (which they partnered up with Plantis et Java) to a range of local artisanal goods from organic sea salts and market tote bags to body oils, there’s always a little something that catches one’s eye to bring home out of impulse.

As the name begets, Hunter and Grower is by-design targeted for the modern-day community, whereby elevated taste is not so much a desire anymore, but a lifestyle routine. Through the establishment’s embrace of local flavours and the ‘hunt’ of local products, Hunter and Grower is very much a reflection of the owners’ personality and sentiment towards today’s conscious-living generation.